When considering buying outdoor furniture it is important to understand the environment in which you live, especially in the warmer, more humid parts of our wonderful country where our tropical weather can be more extreme with heat, humidity, rain and sunshine, making it very important to choose the right furniture for longevity and ease of maintenance.

If you are considering the purchase of new outdoor furniture getting it right can be a daunting process, but we are here to assist you. Living On The Outside has staff with over 40 years combined experience in everything involving quality outdoor furniture, BBQ’s, outdoor kitchens, wind rated umbrellas and accessories specifically designed and manufactured for the different lifestyles and climates.  

Firstly, we can help you work out what best suits your needs and entertaining area, including the functionality, style, purpose and size.   We understand that your budget plays a big part in what you can purchase.  It is also import to understand that while spending little maybe good for the budget, it does not also mean value for money as cheap furniture often has a very limited lifespan (due mainly to poor quality) and requires more maintenance and time.

At Living On The Outside we focus on providing long lasting low maintenance products giving the customer the best possible value for money.  We offer the ability to mix & match different chairs with different tables and buy only those pieces that suit your needs, not necessarily full settings. Which also allows you to add to your existing collection over time should the need arise, without having to start afresh.

To help understand the differences between cheap outdoor furniture and quality outdoor furniture we have put together the following information to explain why we have sourced and sell the products we do.

High Quality Weave - Polyethylene vs. Plastic weave

Our full weather weave is made from a strong polyethylene (not cheap plastic) with a high-grade UV stabiliser and available in 13 different weave colours where the colour goes right the way through (not dipped or sprayed), which means no fading or splintering.  Light weight but extremely durable under the harshest of weather conditions, each piece is hand woven onto thick gauged, powder coated, reinforced aluminium frames with fully welded joints meaning strength and no rust.   Simply hose off to clean and add pieces over time and still maintain the same look.   Our full weather, machine washable and replaceable cushions are designed to take 100% full weather (sun, rain, pool water) with ‘Quick Dry’ inserts which allow free draining of any water.   No more carrying cushions in and out every time you sneeze!

CYCLONES – when storage space becomes an issue in times of cyclones, our weave range can be placed into a swimming pool, cushions taken inside and left until threat of any damage has passed.

High Quality ‘A’ grade hardwood – Kwila (also known as Merbau)

Used in the construction of outdoor decks because of it being termite proof, strong and recommended by the Department of Primary Industries as being the best for the use in construction of outdoor furniture, our kwila comes from a 100% Government certified plantation making it sustainable and environmentally friendly.   Left to grow for 65 years before cutting gives the timber the chance to become strong, durable, elastic and less porous than younger timbers, meaning that far less maintenance is required, with a hose off and light oiling periodically provides each piece with a much longer life expectancy.   Our non-seizing stainless-steel hardware is strong and can also be purchased as spare hardware.

Thick Powder Coated Aluminium

One of the more common materials that you will find when looking for a high quality outdoor setting on the Sunshine Coast is aluminium. The big advantage of high quality aluminium furniture is that it is extremely strong and durable. You will find that aluminium is also quite resistant to rust and corrosion and is remarkably lightweight for a sturdy metal. Another reason that people love aluminium is because high quality aluminium products can look extremely chic and elegant.   Our Aluminium range is constantly evolving, and like our kwila range, covers everything from dining to lounge to bar settings and occasional pieces.                                       

These are only a few of the many materials that high quality outdoor furniture is made of. You will find that there are many more that come with their own advantages.   It is recommended, when you choose to buy new outdoor settings, that you do a bit of research on the material as some of them require more attention and maintenance than others.    By taking the time to do this, you will be able to ensure that you are getting the perfect outdoor furniture for your needs and if we can assist you with your selection we will happily do so.   Go to our Fact Sheets for Weave and Kwila and remember to take these with you next time you go out shopping as a reminder in what to look for when making that all important purchase.