Kwila - Fact Sheet

About our Kwila

1. Plantation timber:

a. 100% Government certified plantation timber not taken from any rain forests, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

b. Family owned plantation on an island off the north east coast of Indonesia.

2. Aged Timber:

a. 65 year old before cutting which gives the timber the chance to become strong, durable, elastic and less porous than younger timbers, meaning that far less maintenance is required, much longer life and stronger.

b. Aged timber allows the addition of other pieces over time with colours being easily matched.

3. Solid timber pieces: 

a. No lamination used in construction ensuring that no separating can occur

b. Much sturdier and stronger when solid block formation is used.

4. Stainless Steel hardware:

Strong hard ware used in all construction that can also be purchased as spare hardware.

5. Replaceable components

Any broken components are fully replaceable which saves on wasted timber, time and money.

6. ”A” Grade Tropical hard wood

Used in the construction of outdoor decks because of it being Termite proof, strong and recommended by the Department of Primary Industries as being the best for the use in construction of outdoor furniture

7.  Five Year Warranty:

Full 5 year manufacturing warranty given on all kwila products.