Product Care and Maintenance

Kwila (Merbau)

How do I wash down the timber to stop it from staining?

If you choose to wash down your Kwila by hosing, it may take some time before the Tannin will bleed or leach out of the furniture.   To hasten this process, we do have products which are usually already in most home laundries that work very well to wash the timber.   These products are used for soaking and treating stains in coloured clothing.   Some of the more common commercial brand names are Napisan for Colours, ScotchBrite, and Swift Laundry Soaker.     All are used for removing stains from coloured clothing items.   Used according to the manufacturer’s instructions for dissolving into water, this stain soaker solution can used in a plastic spray bottle and squirted over all surfaces of the timber, and hosing off with water.   Do not let the wood completely dry out and keep hosing down until the water runs clear.   When the water runs clear, roughly dry the furniture off with a rag to stop any water spot markings on the wood.   Once the furniture is completely dry, and this could take from several hours until overnight depending on the climatic conditions, re oil with good quality CLEAR timber oil that has a sunscreen (most good quality oils have a UV protector which will maintain the rich look of the timber).   Do not be alarmed at the very dry appearance of the wood after it has been bled.   Only the surface tannin has been removed.

How often do I need to oil the furniture?

By regularly oiling, your outdoor furniture will maintain the original colour of the furniture.   However, even without regular additional oiling only end checking of the timber will occur, no matter how exposed the furniture is to weather conditions.   Sunlight will cause the colour to gradually fade and if left un-oiled, Kwila will weather to a light silver-grey colour.   Once the product is dry after washing, it is also recommended that a light application of oil is applied to the timber.

What type of oil should I use on Kwila products?

We recommend the use of Organ Oil - Outdoor Furniture Oil (UV Red), which can be wiped over with a lint free cloth, maintaining the colour and grain of the timber.   We stock and sell a 100% Natural Oil which we highly recommend, called Organoil.   However, any deck or wooden outdoor furniture oil with a UV stabiliser and anti fungal additive will be suitable - TRY TO GET AN OIL WHICH IS NOT PETRO-CHEMICAL BASED (as these can cause the timber to dry out)

What about rain and saltwater?

Kwila is resistant to them.   As the tannin in the product acts as a natural preservative it has minimal shrinkage and can withstand extreme climate conditions.   Even rain and saltwater will not deteriorate the timber.

Does Kwila need any special cleaning or maintenance?

Once you have thoroughly washed the product, it will only require regular oiling to maintain its original appearance.   The climate conditions of your region will determine how often you oil the furniture.   Besides that, Kwila is virtually maintenance free.

Can kwila products be painted and varnished at home?

Yes, however it is not advisable, since the colour or varnish would not be long-lasting.   The tannin in the wood can react adversely with most paints.


  • Each umbrella is supplied with installation and maintenance information.
  • For the Econ-o-shade, Econ-o-shade De-Luxe, Light Commercial, Heavy Commercial, Mini De-Luxe and Tandem Shade the following information will assist in maintaining the longetivity of your canopy:
    • When used  permanent outdoor situations, the canopy should be hosed regularly to remove dust, bird droppings, etc. and other solid particles.
    • To ensure that water repellency is fully retained after continuous outdoor exposure, the fabric should be treated with a water repellent compound every 12 months or so.
    • The canopy may be washed with a mild solution of soap in lukewarm water (max 38C, 100F) and rinsed thoroughly.
    • Stubborn soiling may require treatment with a hypochlorite bleach such as White King®.
      1. The fabric should be washed with a solution of one part White King® in four parts of warm water, maximum temperature 38x (100F).
      2. Applied the diluted solution to the fabric with a soft brush and rinse off thoroughly after 15 minutes. Follow the safety directions outlined on the White King® containers.
      3. Fabric should be thoroughly dry before storing.
      4. As part of the water repellent finish may be removed after bleach application, the fabric should be treated with water repellent compound.


  • The wicker Fibre is low maintenance.   If the fibre needs to be cleaned simply wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth.   A soft nylon brush or hose can be used to clean between the weave.   Cushion and fabrics care advise is as per the manufacturer's swing tag attached to each.

Outdoor Bean Bags

  • When not in use we recommend you rinse, let dry then remove out of the direct sunlight.