Refund Policy

We operate within the Federal Governments regulations regarding Refunds and Returns and will alway assist where we can.

You are entitled to a refund, exchange, repair or a store credit if the goods you have purchased:

  • Are faulty through no fault of your own
  • Are not fit for the stated purpose made know to our staff
  • Don't match our item description or store sample
  • Have defects that were not obvious or brought to your attention as the time of purchase.

However, in order to be eligible for any type of refund or exchange:

  • The goods must be returned to the store of purchase within seven (7) days from the date of purchase
  • You must provide your receipt as proof of purchase
  • Prove that the item(s) was/were not damaged by any misuse or neglect

A store credit or refund may be offered at our discretion.  Please note that cash refunds may be granted but only where the initial purchase was paid for in cash.